Q. Do I have to be a member to use the facilities?

A. No, you can use the facilities on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Q. How can I start booking online?

A. Visit www.riversfitness.co.uk. Existing members need to contact reception to set up your login details.

Q. Can I change my login ID and PIN?

A. Yes, simply login and select ‘edit my details’. Click ‘change pin’ and follow the instructions.

Q. What if I forget my login information?

A. Contact us, answer some security questions and we can re-issue your pin. If you enter the incorrect pin three times your account will become locked. To unlock your account you need to contact us.

Q. Can I book activities at any centre?

A. Yes, you can book activities at Droitwich Spa, Evesham & Pershore leisure centres.

Q. How do I book an activity?

A. Log in to your account & follow these instructions.

1. Select centre
2. Select date
3. Select class or activity
4. Click book

You can also search for certain activities. Perfect if you want to attend a certain class, but don’t know when it is.

Q. Will I be able to book my preferred court?

A. Yes, if the courts are available you will be able to select the specific court you want.

Q. How far in advance can I book?

A. Rivers members can book 7 days in advance.

Casual members can book 2 days in advance.

All online bookings close 1 hour prior to a class’ start time.

Q. Which activities can I book?

A. Badminton, squash, table tennis & all Rivers Group Exercise classes.

Q. Can I book activities for somebody else?

A. No, your login details are user specific and you are permitted to only book activities under your own account name.

Q. What should I do to cancel a booking?

A. If no payment has been made (ie for a Rivers member), simply log in to your account, click ‘manage bookings’ and click ‘cancel’.

If a payment has been made, you cannot cancel your booking. However you can move it to a different day/time within your booking period.

Q. Is Droitwich Lido covered in the membership?

A. No, unfortunately the lido is separate, memberships don’t cover lido entry.

Q. Can I sign up for a joint membership online?

A. Joint Memberships cannot be created online. To sign up for a Rivers Joint Membership, please visit or call your centre.

Droitwich Spa: 01905 771212
Evesham: 01386 444212
Pershore: 01386 552346