Q. Do you use chlorine?

A. Chlorine is used alongside the natural brine to maintain water clarity.

Q. Why is chlorine used to disinfect the lido water, when there is already brine?

A. Brine is known to make water rather cloudy and our lifeguards need to be able to see the bottom of the pool. Using chlorine keeps the water crystal clear, making the lido safer for everybody.

Q. What is the salinity of the pool?

A. We try to keep the Lido pool water salinity to the same as sea water which is 35 PPT (parts per thousand). Although backwashing of the pool and evaporation dilute the salinity requiring us to top up brine levels throughout the season.

Q. Is the pool heated?

A. Yes, to a Mediterranean 23° to 24°.

Q. Is the lido covered by a Rivers membership?

A. Unfortunately not, members will have to pay the standard rate. There may be Rivers members discounts/offers throughout the summer.

Q. Can I bring my own food in?

A. Yes, we do allow food and soft drinks to be brought into the facility, however there is a cafe on site which offers a selection of snacks, beverages and ice creams.

Q. Where can I park if the lido car park is full?

A. If the lido car park is full, there are plenty of other car parks nearby, view them by clicking here.