Extra Mile: Nicki’s Story

Nicki is a Rivers member at Droitwich Leisure Centre. When Nicki isn’t hard at work or spending time with her daughter, she’s in the gym with her Personal Trainer, Lesa. We asked Nicki a couple of questions about her fitness journey:

What does fitness mean to you?
“Fitness has been an escape. Every time I am training, I switch off, forget about any daily stresses and I can just focus on myself. The effect fitness has on my mood and how I feel each day is massive.”

“Fitness effects my day to day life, it brightens and lifts my mood, which then makes my day a good day! If I don’t go to the gym for more than 4 days I start to feel more tired and I loose motivation which then has a knock on effect. The gym has also helped calm me down in many ways, and gives me a space to clear head. I also love going swimming with my daughter and I also make great use of the health suite before the weekend, to make me feel nice and refreshed.”

“I have always trained since I was 16 but I would never stick to it continuously. I would go through phases, months of training getting to a good weight and then for some reason take a break and repeat the process. However when I became pregnant, I wanted to train lightly but unfortunately I couldn’t due to pregnancy complications reasons. This for me was what made me realise I missed that workout feeling so much… after 9 months of doing no physical exercise, I was excited to get back into it.”

“I don’t like to “diet”, I just eat healthy. I meal prep, which isn’t to diet, it’s to simply save time and to stop me from making rushed meals which aren’t healthy. I can simply go to the fridge or carry them with me and eat them on the go. It also saves me so much time with having a 1 year old.”

If you want to find out more about nutrition, meal prepping & what would work best for you, then speak to one of our Personal Trainers.

What are your short term & long term goals that you are looking to achieve?
“My short term goals for training are I would like to get to a strong, leaner body and become more confident in training on new and different equipment and forms of exercise. Confidence is a big part of it for me especially after having a baby. I would like to have reached my goal by 12-18 months and then be able to cut down a hour or so being in the gym each week but be able to do enough within the time I am at the gym to maintain a balance gym, family & work lifestyle.”

“My long term fitness goals are to make my training and healthy eating a lifestyle, so it become normal to go to the gym and choose healthy options when eating. I have a really healthy relationship with food already so along side my training it works really well.”

What would you say to someone thinking of starting their fitness journey?
“Rivers has helped me develop a healthy relationship with fitness – instead of not wanting to go and dragging myself there, I look forward to getting up and going. Their childminding/crèche
enables me to train while my little girl is being looked after in the same building. Without the crèche I wouldn’t be able to fit the gym into my daily routine I would have to workout from home. I am so grateful for this and so must many other mothers be.

“Rivers goes the extra mile, the staff are friendly and approachable and you see a lot of familiar faces daily so you get to know them, making some great gym friends! There is so much help if you are new to the gym… Rivers give you the kick start you need, personal training programmes, classes, help and guidance with nutrition.”

Rivers Fitness, being a not-for-profit social organisation, pride ourselves on not only being a run of the mill gym facilities but a place where beginners to fitness can feel welcome… where the staff go over & above for customers… where kids can learn to swim… where communities come together. We are going the extra mile.

Now it’s your turn, start your story… visit your local centre today & get a FREE day pass to try the facilities for yourself!