My Fitness Journey – Stef Mace

Stef is one of our Class Instructors & Personal Trainers, her favourite exercises include Muay Thai, Boxing & BODYPUMP! Although she’s now living an amazingly healthy lifestyle & pushing her fitness daily, she hasn’t had an easy start…

Stef’s Fitness Journey:

“I’ve had a tough time, my parents were told I’d NEVER walk, talk or feed myself again after I was in a road traffic collision in 2001.

I astounded medical professionals with my recovery & begin to do all the things I was told I’d never be able to do again. But due to the life-long medication, alcohol, bad eating habits & my injuries still stopping me from doing any sport – I gained a hell of a lot of weight!

Life got even harder after another awful life changing experience in 2013. I was left on my own & this is when I knew something had to make change!!

I’d reached my heaviest at 15.7stones and a size 16!! I started Muay Thai and Bootcamps and my love for fitness returned! After a lot of hard work, I’m now a comfortable size 8-10 and I’ve built a lot of muscle!”

In 2017, Stef gained her Fitness Instructor qualification & Personal Trainer qualification. She then joined us, Rivers Fitness. We have helped Stef to get her Lifeguarding qualification & a Les Mills Advanced BODYPUMP Instructor qualification.

I want to show YOU that it’s NEVER too late to change!! The point is you don’t have to be an athlete to start, you just need to know you want to start!”

“It’s not going to be easy, but it’s definitely going to be worth it!”

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Feeling Motivated?

Start your fitness journey today! At Rivers Fitness, we will help you on your fitness journey – we provide loads of amazing facilities, classes & even give new members a FREE personal training session, so that you know what your fitness goals are & how you can smash them.

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