My Fitness Journey – Gareth Garrington

On January 2018, Gareth joined Evesham Leisure Centre with the goal of losing some weight. He was 18 stone at the time & after just 17 months of working hard, determination & some forward rolls, he is now weighing in at an astonishing 11.5 stone! Gareth has worked extremely hard day in & day out to get to where he is now & we are so pleased that our facilities could help him to become physically & mentally healthier.

These are Gareth’s tips on how to have a successful weight loss journey:

Keep your dieting simple
80% of Gareth’s weight loss is all thanks to his diet changes. He said no to all the ‘fad diets’ & took advice from his PT, Paul. Paul got Gareth to switch out the junk food for good healthier alternatives – He swapped chocolate for fruit & the chicken nuggets for fresh meats. By switching over to these healthier options, he not only started to lose the weight & feel more energetic but also felt like he wasn’t left hungry after every meal. It’s important to stay away from ‘fad diets’ as some can cause serious damage to your body.

Make your workouts fun
Many people don’t enjoy working out & believe they never will – one reason Gareth hated working out when he first started was because he was doing repetitive workouts. After being introduced to some new workout techniques & sports, he started to look forward to working out.

Through trying different activities & putting himself outside of his comfort zone, Gareth found that he really enjoys gymnastics & rock climbing (overcoming his fear of heights), so now incorporates both of them into his fitness regime

Bring down a friend or family member… Getting yourself a gym buddy is also a great way to motivate each other & push each others limits!

Don’t wait for a sign
What are you waiting around for? It’s easy to make excuses that you can’t workout today as you’re watching something on TV or tired from work but it’s important to break that habit & go to your local gym.

Once you get into the swing of it, it will stop becoming a chore & become a hobby!

You can follow Gareth’s fitness progress on Instagram @gareth.garrington

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