Gifted & Talented: Antony Fordham

What have you been getting upto in 2019?

“Last year, I managed to make the County Cup team which was one of my main goals for the year. I increased my rating to a 5.1 when the half season changed, another goal that I set myself. Unfortunately, a week or so after this I injured my foot which put me out of training for 10 weeks. During this time I managed to fit in gym sessions to maintain fitness levels & to minimise skill loss when I returned.”

“In the summer season I managed to begin competing again despite not being at my previous level, winning the U18’s doubles title with my partner in the county closed, a grade 3, as well as other finals and wins in Grade 4’s and 5’s.”

“I have also made back my ranking points and have been selected for County Cup again this year.”

What are your goals for 2020?

“My goals are to continue to develop my physical development, to increase my world tennis number (as they are scrapping the current ratings system), to make University tennis in September and play in the BUCS league, and further improve my ranking as I transfer into the open age category.”

How has the Gifted & Talented Scheme helped?

“My Rivers membership helps me to achieve my goals as I primarily use the gym the improve several physical aspects required for tennis. For example, both my coach and the head coach at my club have noticed the increase in my strength and endurance since last year.”

“I’ve gained more power in my strokes, more control in my body maintaining strength and balance even towards the end of tough matches. I’m making more balls than before as I’m quicker and stronger. My overall tennis level has improved since last year having had access to the facilities at Rivers, pushing me onto the next level and hopefully another few levels.”

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